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Become the kind of strong and wholehearted
man to whom God can gladly entrust the
care of his kingdom.

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Make no mistake, this is for the few.

Every man longs to be powerful. Yet how will we become the kind of men to whom power can be entrusted? How will we become the kind of men we were made to be?

Welcome to Become Good Soil, the comprehensive apprenticeship track for the mission of Wild at Heart. It is a gateway to the quest to recover the path and process of masculine initiation.

We’ve been waiting for you.

You’ve found yourself among a strong-hearted fellowship of brave men thirsty to experience the full portion of Rescue and Restoration on earth as it is in Heaven in their hearts, lives, families, and spheres of influence, and alongside them, a few brave women who are curious about loving the men entrusted to their care.

Curated over two decades and recovered at the feet of over 75 elders, Become Good Soil offers a unique invitation into the journey of receiving sonship, recovering the narrow road, and becoming the kind of man and the kind of king to whom God can gladly entrust the care of his Kingdom.

The invitation is for all, but as history teaches us, only a few choose this way of life. It has always been so. Those who do will become, by day and by decade, the kind of men and the kind of king whose hearts are strong, steadfast, and saturated in the Love and Life of God, and through whom streams of living water flow to their families and the kingdoms entrusted to their care.

To the few, the brave, welcome.



 The Becoming A King Retreat (BAKR) is intensive, transformational, men's weekend event curated and distilled over decades that is led by Morgan Snyder and the

Wild At Heart Team through video sessions, in North Dakota.

Through powerful video sessions, interactive story groups, and a guided rhythm of engagement, reflection, and relationship, the BAKR retreat immerses you and the men in your community in this transforming message.

Why Do I Need A


Every boy knows he was made to be powerful. Yet the headlines often confirm what we know too well from our own stories: the anguished consequences of masculine power gone awry.

Masculinity is in need of restoration. But what is the way, and how can we find it?

The Becoming a King Retreat provides a sacred context to explore the path and process of becoming transformed men God can gladly entrust with power and the care of his Kingdom. During this experience, you will have the opportunity to pull back 50 yards from the pressures of the front lines, explore and share your story, carefully identify and tend to your wounds, recover what makes you come alive, rekindle curiosity, joy, and hope, and strengthen your soul for the seasons ahead within a multi-generational masculine environment that connects older, wiser guides with men who thirst for pervasive transformation. 


The Father Heart of God is pursuing you, inviting you to become the man you were created to be. 


Receive the good news: you are not alone, and it’s not up to you. All you have to do is say yes and dive in.

Join us as we engage the path and process of masculine initiation and restoration together.


As thousands of the brave like-hearted men who have gone before us can attest, engaging the Becoming a King Retreat will be one of the most rewarding risks you have ever taken.


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"Over the past year, I have become a strong supporter of the message of restoring and building men in Biblical masculinity that John Eldredge delivers. In hopes of growing as a man of God, I felt called to seek out a Basic. I am from Montana and found myself choosing to go to the North Dakota Wild at Heart retreat. Going in, I did not know what to expect yet was blown away by the end of the retreat. The team facilitating was devoted to giving you a great experience and guiding spiritually when needed. Great location at a ministry camp in the beautiful Badlands, great food, and fun activities made the retreat a blast. Thank you to the North Dakota team for facilitating a space where we can band as brothers and as individual men to be guided on healing our masculine hearts and come closer to God."

Avery - Missoula, MT

Dark Rainforest Path

" Since we are the Sons of God, we must
become the Sons of God."
- George McDonald

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Beloved Sons Ministry

Beloved Sons Ministry, including North Dakota (ND) Wild At Heart, ND Wild At Heart, & ND Becoming A King, leadership teams and uses John Eldridge's, Morgan Snyder, et al., material's in all of its affairs. It is our goal to not add or subtract from the original Wild At Heart, Captivating Core, & Becoming A King messages, as we believe God has anointed and blessed it in a special and unique way. We are not a direct part of or affiliated with the Becoming A King, Captivating Core, or Wild at Heart of Colorado Springs, CO; however, we do receive guidance from their leadership team for all of our events, meetings, and retreats and follow the original messages from these separate ministries (based in Colorado Springs, CO) as closely as possible. We encourage you, as you do your journey, to recapture your masculine soul with us in the North Dakota & surrounding areas, as God designed you, that you use the free resources and books for sale you can find on &

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