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Our hope is to change the face of Christianity. Our desires are to recover the treasures of the Gospel, transform the lives of women and men, to teach women and men to walk with God, while living it ourselves, equip women to rescue others, provide ongoing nourishment and show the way to new wineskins

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Captivating CORE is the Captivating retreat led by Stasi Eldredge and her

team through video sessions in North Dakota.

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In today's world, we're told to ignore the desires of our hearts. 


But to neglect the heart is to ultimately lose all hope.


Captivating CORE is an invitation into what every woman longs for:


- To be romanced

- To play an irreplaceable role in a great adventure

- To unveil her true beauty


God placed these desires in your heart to draw you into discovering the woman he created you to be.  


As woman, we need a deeper understanding of how these longings impact every aspect of our lives—and why God made us this way. 


What if those deep desires in our hearts are telling us the truth, revealing to us the lives we were meant to live? God gave us eyes so that we might see; he gave us ears that we might hear; he gave us a will that we might choose; and he gave us a heart that we might live. The way we handle the heart is everything. 


Your heart matters...and YOU ARE the beloved.


Captivating CORE is not a retreat about “how to behave and become the perfect woman.” It is a four-day journey into the recovery of our feminine hearts and seeing the truth of how God sees us. For if we are going to know who we truly are as women, if we are going to find a life worth living, we must first recover what has been lost. We must get our hearts back.

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"I am forever changed after attending the Captivating retreat in Medora, ND. It is difficult to come up with the appropriate words to describe the personal experience God gave me through this conference and through the life long friendships made with the women at Captivating. The Lord revealed some “yuck” from my past that I didn’t even know was there, and I am blessed to be able to move forward in deliverance from these areas in my life. 

There is something supernaturally powerful about completely disconnecting from the cell phone and focusing solely on my quiet prayer times with the Lord….He truly revealed Himself to me on a very personal level, even giving me a new name! I am so grateful to finally learn and believe in my heart just how deeply loved I am. I can now confidently agree that I am beautifully and wonderfully made in God’s very image! That the things that make me a woman are who I am and they are beautiful because of Who HE is! I am so grateful for this powerful experience, these amazing Jesus sisters, and a Father God who loves me more than I can imagine. "

Rachel - Beulah, ND

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"Written on every woman’s heart is a longing to be
romanced, to play an irreplaceable role in a grand
adventure, and to have a beauty all her own to offer"

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Beloved Sons Ministry, including North Dakota (ND) Wild At Heart, ND Wild At Heart, & ND Becoming A King, leadership teams and uses John Eldridge's, Morgan Snyder, et al., material's in all of its affairs. It is our goal to not add or subtract from the original Wild At Heart, Captivating Core, & Becoming A King messages, as we believe God has anointed and blessed it in a special and unique way. We are not a direct part of or affiliated with the Becoming A King, Captivating Core, or Wild at Heart of Colorado Springs, CO; however, we do receive guidance from their leadership team for all of our events, meetings, and retreats and follow the original messages from these separate ministries (based in Colorado Springs, CO) as closely as possible. We encourage you, as you do your journey, to recapture your masculine soul with us in the North Dakota & surrounding areas, as God designed you, that you use the free resources and books for sale you can find on, &

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