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God designed men to seek out adventure. But, somewhere between childhood and the struggles of yesterday, most men lose sight of those dreams. Fear not: bestselling author and counselor John Eldredge is here to teach men that there's a better way to live. 
In this updated and expanded edition of the timeless bestseller Wild at Heart, Eldredge unpacks man's search for validation, the need for the development of courage in his soul, and the call to live a life of adventure. 
Using discoveries from his own life and backing them with scripture, Eldredge reminds men that although their childhood passions, dreams, and desires may start getting buried under deadlines, pressures, and disappointments, it doesn't have to be this way. 
In fact, God made men to embrace a life of courage, adventure, and freedom. He created men to take risks and find true purpose and belonging. 
Wild at Heart invites men to experience wholeheartedness by: 
Recovering their true masculine heart 
Healing the wounds and trauma in their stories 
Delighting in the wildness they were created to offer the world 
Discovering the life-giving power of nature 
Helping them to discover the truth about what makes them come alive 
Join Eldredge as he calls men to discover the true secret of the masculine soul and finally start living the life God intended for every man.

Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul

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